Our Approach

We Marines, We Band Of Brothers

The Chester County Marine Corps League Detachment #286 hopes to spread a message of hope to all those families who are less fortunate. We support donations for children and teens up to the age of 16. You can donate all kinds of toys to help younger and older kids. We accept all kinds of toy donations but do not accept gifts that resemble weapons or contain food items. You can drop off any new, unwrapped toys at our Toys for Tots Philadelphia location. Cash donations are also accepted and appreciated.

You can contact the Chester Counter Marine Corps League Detachment any time to request a donation. You can speak to a volunteer by phone or email.

If you wish to become a volunteer for Chester County, you can call or email us to see our available positions and volunteer times for Toys for Toys Philadelphia.

Our Story

Chester County Marine Corps League 2021 Trustees & Appointed Officers
     Commandant                        Bonnie Shaw
     Sr. Vice Commandant      Larry Samples
     Jr. Vice Commandant       Dan Fitzpatrick
     Jr. Past Commandant       Jerry Myers
     Judge Advocate                   Dan Condron               
     Trustees/Directors            Pat Powell
                                                           Doug Forsythe
                                                           Chris Shaw
     Adjutant                                   Jack Meighan
     Paymaster                               Doug Forsythe
     Sgt. of Arms                            Ken Weaver